“Just Ned” McInnis


Rich in local color, steeped in the scent of salt air and the deep Maine woods, Maine Short, Short Stories… is a candid and humorous look at the life of the author from the time he left his Bar Harbor home as a teenager to the present, where he lives a simple, yet idyllic life in a rustic cabin of his own making in the woods of Otis, Maine.

The reader will find that these stories carry themselves well, are sure-footed, and lead to a greater understanding of the artist as a man, a Mainer, and a writer. They are equally entertaining for city and country folk alike.

Ragged and staunch in spirit, “Just Ned’s” stories reflect some thirty years of living life on his own terms, written in a style that is both playful and authentic.


Excerpt from Maine Short, Short Stories As Told by Just Ned:

Years ago, while out digging for clams at Hadley’s Point, this guy approached me with a look of wonder and confusion on his face. He was holding a plastic bucket and a toilet plunger. He observed: “Soo that’s how you do it?”

I replied: “Yea, with a clam hoe and a roller.”

(For the readers who don’t know, a clam hoe is a bent four or five-pronged tool similar to a hay fork. A wooden lath roller with a handle is used to collect and hold the clams, allowing the tide to pass through without tipping it over, making it easy to clean them.)

Well, anyway, this poor guy proceeded to explain that one of the locals down at the store told him all he needed to succeed at clamming was a bucket and a plunger!

“Mister, ” I said, “Somebody pulled a fast one on you. Where you from?”

“Maine,” he replied.

I told him: “Jeez… I wouldn’t admit that to anybody!”

He explained he was from potato country (up north) and was camping here with his family. I felt sorry for him, so I sold him some of what I dug. I just hope he didn’t tell them that he got those clams with that plunger! But that’s not the end of the story… Down at the store, a day later, I shared my adventures over a cup of coffee with some of the regulars. They all laughed. One of them asked what the poor sucker looked like. After describing the guy, he confessed:

“Oh jeez… that was me! I sold the dude the plunger!”