JIP stands for “Joy in Poetry/Prose,” but it also has the implication of being “jipped” or “ripped off.” The poetry/writing/music here is real and true, but there’s always room for least a small bit of The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle in all things good.

JipProd is dedicated to the spread of the holy-rolling word in prose, verse, spoken word, cut-ups, and music containing any or all of the above.

JipProd proves that life in the Maine woods isn’t as calm or bucolic as one would think.

We at JipProd are dedicated to supporting and promoting the work of talented artists, many of whom are emerging and unfamiliar with best practices associated with aspects of performance, promotion, and/or the self-publishing process.

Phil Wormuth’s poetry anthology, Venus Remembered and Other Poems  (2014) was the first self-published work to bear the JIP Production’s *colophon, originally designed by Hunter King.

*A colophon is a stamp of approval that lends legitimacy to self-published works, much as an ISBN number, QR Code, or Library of Congress designation deems a work as “official.” The new JipProd colophon (designed by Micheal W. Dean) is available for use by all JIP members. JipProd membership is open to writers, musicians, and spoken-word/performance artists. Members are expected to participate in workshops, presentations, productions, spoken- word events, gatherings, etc… and be willing to lend their expertise, support, and advice.