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Crucifixion Street (For Jamestown, NY) – Cash Newmann Remix



Download HERE.

I never loved the old mix of this on the record “Brace Yourself for a Blast.” Couldn’t quite master it right, and was too quiet on the record. Is the only song I felt that way about in four records.

So I killed two birds with one stone: remixed this (with some additional sounds, some sax and synth). Then mastered on LANDR. The uploaded to DistroKid to try them out to review and write a tutorial for my upcoming second edition of the $30 Music School book. I like them. And I also like this new version much more. Kinda sounds like we’re actually playing it live at the Rusty Nail.

Fun note about the place where I say “Alpha-Centauri tonight” in a froggy voice. That was an accident. I opened this project from an archive on my E drive. It attached to the wrong file with the right name. Something like audio-3.wav. On the old version was me saying “or did you finally get called up to heaven?”

On this version, it grabbed some audio from the BipTunia song “On Approach to Alpha-Centauri” and substituted it. I added some echo and left it in. It not only worked musically, it worked thematically. And that’s also the one line I ever wrote that Phil didn’t love, because he was thinking Tony Yanik might be insulted. I said “It’s art, let’s go for it.”

I guess the universe decided to re-write the line in the remix.