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“Swimming in the Molasses of the Masses” – new song / poem from 4th BipTunia Album


From the upcoming release Short Circuit at the Sheep Factory.

This one is all music and words, Michael W. Dean:




(First part is me reading my old report cards and letters from my schools.)

My math teacher told me I’d never make it in life because I wouldn’t always have a calculator in my pocket. Now everyone has a calculator in my pocket. Does anyone even use the phone part of their phone? I try not to.

My English teacher told me I’d never make it as a writer because I couldn’t spell. This was before home computers and spell check on everyone’s desk and in our pockets. Again on their phones.

Choir teacher told me I’d never be a musician because I didn’t like practicing reading music.

Some so-called educators were horrible. The shop teacher at Westfield NY in 1974 was wretched.

He’s a sadist who encouraged extraordinarily deep bullying of weaker students by the stronger ones

Probably how they did it to him in the army.

It didn’t make me a man. It messed me up. I became e man on my own, and with the help of some teachers, but not him.

I’m all for not coddling kids, but encouraging other kids to torture the small is immoral.

Third week at Church Farm School, two kids put me in the hospital for a week from an initiation. Jim Skiles and Pat Donahue. (sp)

School kicked them both out, but let Pat back the next year because they needed him for sports.

There were some great educators. Marcia Sternicia the music teacher in Westfield really encouraged me. So did the art teacher Mrs. Sanderson at Church Farm School. Same place Ray Greenblatt the English teacher was great. He’s even a published poet. Search him online. He’s cool.

HOWEVER…..Herding kids off to sit in neat rows in at the same place at the same time to memorize the State’s idea of facts is a vestigial organ,…created to create compliant soldiers and factory workers. But there are too many soldiers, and the factories are not here anymore.

The sheep factory makes kids into robots.

But soon, the soldiers and factory workers will all be actual robots. And the sheep factory isn’t training kids for that. It tells them they can be anything they want to be, but doesn’t tell ’em how.

And the boredom of being held back by the slowest in the class was excruciating. I was swimming in the molasses of the masses. That’s why I got the report card comments I did. My thirst for knowledge was strong. School just made it harder. Private school a little less so, but still…..

My mother taught me to read before I was 5. I read a short book out loud the first day of Kindergarten. And was immediately teased for being smart by kids who are now cops and laid-off factory workers. Yes, you can BET I still keep up on what they’re up to.

By high school I was cutting class to go to the library so I could actually learn something. And now I write books published by the biggest publisher of school text books in America. Least I did ’til I got bored of it. Now I do other things. Like this.

Just give the kids a laptop and stay out of the way. They can raise themselves, and each other, in the libraries of the world. I did. Despite the best efforts of most teachers, and with a little help from the few who actually tried.

This song is for them.