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After-Math – new BipTunia song / poem




Music: Michael W. Dean

Lyrics: Phil Wormuth

(Note about this song: when Phil says “Aftermath”, the loud music noise is my cat Bob jumping on the keyboard. lol.)


Bulletproof backpacks and letterman jackets.
Windows blackened with easy-squeeze.
Lunchboxes that double as first aid kits;
school-issued .2 caliber loaded pencils with pink pearl erasers.
Vending machines that dispense pepper spray canisters.

Triple-plated lunch trays that can take a hit.
Kevlar window shades and nap blankets
(the hall pass is a gas mask.)
Surveillance cameras planted in trees;
armored school bus divisions.

Regardless, just another kid
who caught a bad curve
compelled to set the story straight…
figuring to make ‘em pay
for cutting in the lunch line.