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Short Circuit at the Sheep Factory – BipTunia song rough cut 1





Short-circuit at the Sheep Factory

Short-sheeted in the sleep department –
got drunk at the Swamp
on the way to the shop.
Already feeling contrary
(last night’s suppository didn’t work for me.)
Came close to meetin’ the bar keeper’s friend –
shotgun; back to work again.

So bored on the floor, picked my scabs
to watch ‘em bleed.
Rush order from the manager…
I made my quota, sorta –
(end of the shift,
lost another finger)
shirking on the shearing line, again.

Too much of a liability, security’s coming for me…
(strike three – down to a thumb and pinky.)
Blew another breaker, shut down production, again.
Just another short-circuit at the sheep factory.

Hey, don’t do that!
The sheep shop beckons, but third shift is tough.
Gotta run these young minds though the grist.
The young guys are sheering more, but I have seniority.
Polish off the rough edges, then turn down the volume
hey! stop that – don’t make me tell your superiors.

Keep the limbic system on fire
Fear works better than an electric fence
at the 25/7 sheep shop.

Friday is bring your gun to work day
I got some hand loads full of censored thought.

Officer of the Day lines us
up for fingernail inspection
after voluntary mandatory calisthenics

The dinosaur thrashes
a little more in the tar pit
as it goes extinct

I worked here 40 years.

Soon things things’ll be gettin’ better
And I’ll be sitting on

my own virtual private cloud.