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New Poem by Phil Wormuth – “Church-schooled”




Tension holds this place together

where, in morning, we gather

to hear the dead speak.


Bells toll in honor of all who pass

(but what of the rest?)

Pungent scents disorient;

stripped of our innocence

(the bequest of hypocrites.)


Marble mouths speak

holy bunk…

Our ears bleed,

tongues turn to mush

(for many, the truth’s too much.)


No mercy, only hard words –

(the future forever adulterated.)

The indoctrination is elementary

and ends with the death

of our youth.


Bells toll for all who pass,

but what’s to come

of the rest of us?


Note: This poem was prompted from memories of my friend recounting his mistreatment in Parochial School many years ago.

4 thoughts on “New Poem by Phil Wormuth – “Church-schooled””

  1. chandler says:

    Good job man, love the vivid imagery. Brings back memories of my Catholic school days.

    1. Phil Wormuth says:

      Chandler – Thanks. That’s what I was going for. Never went to parochial school myself, but had many friends who did. I heard stories…

  2. Jennifer says:

    The first line caught me and having no experience with Catholic schools, I began to think of all the other places, things in this life that are held together by “tension.”

  3. Phil Wormuth says:

    Stretching and straining for the stars… invariably, I end up with a couple of scuffed, grass-stained knees. That’s my kind of tension! Thanks, Jen.

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