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“This Was a Test” Poem by Phil Wormuth (Read by Kip Cameron)


This Was a Test

(Official, matter-of-fact)

This is a test. I repeat, this is a test.
The broadcasters in your area, in voluntary cooperation with the WARN
(Warning About a Radioactive Non-event) Network
urge you, as purely a precautionary measure,
to corral all children, loved-ones, neighbors, and pets.
Loosen all gas caps. Secure all lawn furniture and garbage cans.
Protect Confederate Monuments.
Stay tuned for more official information, news, or instructions.

Pause (Concerned)

Attention. Attention.
This is not a test. I repeat, this is not a test.
The situation is more dire than earlier reported.
Proceed immediately to the nearest fall-out shelter,
backyard bunker, depression or ditch.
Fire up generators. Switch on scrubbers.
The moment is upon us to draw from the power of our collective resolve.

Pause (Somber, reflective)

By now you know that if you haven’t prepared for this day,
it’s already too late.
As our fate rains down upon us from space,
our lives are measured in moments.
The losses will be huge; a sorry price to pay
for our scued world-views… our leader’s ineptitudes.
End of transmission. End of civilization.

Phil Wormuth. BipCot NoGov License, 2017

4 thoughts on ““This Was a Test” Poem by Phil Wormuth (Read by Kip Cameron)”

  1. Leland Masters says:

    Sensory overload. This is an SOS. My anxiety gauge redlined and now I’m stuck on the side of some dusty, forgotten highway with vaporlock and tires melting under an atomic sky. The radiator expelled a small mushroom cloud of steam–a sign of the times, I guess. Called Wally’s Garage for a tow but no one’s answering on the other end. I don’t know where I am anymore. The map shows a small town just up the road a spell. Made the trek on foot earlier but all I could see were burned out economy sedans and pickups…and sand that’s been turned to glass. I guess it wasn’t just a test after all. If anyone sees this, don’t bother looking for family or survivors. There’s nothing left out here.

    1. Phil Wormuth says:

      Leland – Please be reassured… such breakdowns are common in the post-nuclear age. No one can deny the putrid stench of scorched radials, vaporized free roadside attraction maps that lead to nowhere. Beware the desert of glass and the glowing oaisis; estranged sedans and picked apart pickups. They are the bane of our existence. Take comfort in the fact that you no longer need a dime to gain admission to the public restroom on the New York State Thruway – it too is gone.

  2. George Goodale says:

    Checking in from Anchorage with identical report. I’m scared this was a global event. Been trying to reach my friend from Sweden but lines are down on Hans’ end.

    1. Phil Wormuth says:

      George –

      The skies are alight with strange cosmic ischemia that’s slowly choking the globe. Here’s hoping that Hans has not met his end.

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