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New BipTunia poetry and music album “Open Knife Night”


Buy the new BipTunia album “Brace Yourself for a Blast” on CD Baby now (coming soon on Amazon and iTunes.)

Download PDF of “Open Knife Night” Lyrics and liner notes Open Knife Night- lyrics and notes

3 thoughts on “New BipTunia poetry and music album “Open Knife Night””

  1. Ick Lejok says:

    To the two gentlemen responsible for this compilation. I applaud you and your efforts to chart a course intio new musical and literary territory. I enjoy the lyrics and liner notes as I listen to Open Knife Night.

  2. Phil Wormuth says:

    Ick – I recommend that everyone who listens to “Open Knife Night” download the lyrics and liner notes… That way, people get the “whole story” behind the words and a deeper understanding of the concept behind the album. Thanks for your enthusiasm and support.

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