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“The Radio Fired Bullets” – poem by Phil Wormuth, music by BipTunia



Phil Wormuth: words and speaking (his poem “Venus Remembered.”)
Michael W. Dean: music, deconstruction, and production

Phil: jipprod.org
MWD: biptunia.com

Click to see this song in the creation process in Cubase at Intergalactic Prairie Studios, a mile above sea level, in a bunker at an undisclosed location in the rural, wild Mountain West of ‘murica:

6 thoughts on ““The Radio Fired Bullets” – poem by Phil Wormuth, music by BipTunia”

  1. Sid Deaninson says:

    you kids are ok! I remember when I used to do stuff…..

    1. Phil says:

      Thanks, Sid. Poetry has a descent shelf life – it’s never too late to get back into the spoken word scene.

  2. CTurner777 says:

    Love it!! Keep the Bips coming!!

    1. Phil says:

      Thanks. Stay tuned for a posting of Kip Cameron’s dramatic interpretation of “This Was A Test….” the first in a series of spoken word poems to be included on the upcoming concept album “Soundtrack for the Apocalypse.”

  3. Edward (ned) McInnis says:

    Wow cool! Always been a fan of your Sy Fi poems and submarine attacks. Dig that tune too. Awesome work . Justned –

  4. Philip C Wormuth says:

    Calling Just Ned – proceed to your closest local open-mic. I’ll meet you there.

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