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Brace Yourself for a Blast Again (Dark spoken word with kick-ass music.)



(download link below lyrics. Player here:)


The broadcasters in your area, in voluntary cooperation
urge you, to corral all children, loved-ones, neighbors, and pets.
Loosen all gas caps. Secure all lawn furniture and garbage cans.
Stay tuned for more official information, news, or instructions.
Attention. Attention.

This is NOT a test. I repeat, this is NOT a test.
The situation is more dire than earlier reported.
Proceed immediately to the nearest fall-out shelter,
backyard bunker, depression or ditch.
Fire up generators. Switch on scrubbers.
The moment is upon us to draw from the power of our collective resolve.

As our fate rains down upon us from space,
The losses will be huge; a sorry price to pay
End of transmission.

Since we were born
there was always war-
hungry for the end;
hot apocalypse,
gamma-ray silence…
The catwalk of eternity.

Shaping up the universe –
“Now that otta do it!”
Nuclear fission dawn.
Doomsday is today!

“Ye who have unleashed
the power to slake and abate the very heavens
(nearly blew up the sun
and spurred the moon into a further,
friendlier, emptier universe)
shall burn in the furnaces
of a thousand hells for all eternity!”

In a flash – my last memory
as a child was collecting shells on the shore,
huddling under desks in practice.

Music: Michael W. Dean (BipTunia)
Words: Phil Wormuth
Kip Cameron: radio announcer voice
Bob the Cat: Purring

download PDF of sheet music (midi parts only) “Brace Yourself for a Blast Again” – score

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