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3 BipTunia Karaoke MP3 files


Play “No Holidays In Heaven Karaoke”: Play “Javier the Fly Karaoke”: Play “I’ve Already Told You Too Much Karaoke”: Download Keraoke -No Holidays in Heaven (3 MB)Karaoke – Javier the

BipTunia buttons and stickers


1 BipTunia sticker and 1 BipTunia button, 5 dollars in USA, 7 dollars outside USA. Will throw in at least one other sticker free (probably “State Speech is Hate Speech”

New BipTunia book


Lyrics and Liner Notes for the First Three BipTunia Albums: Felis Bippus, Brace Yourself for a Blast, and Open Knife Night Kindle edition and Paperback edition